Chiang Mai - Easter

I have been in Chiang Mai for about a week now. I have explored a bit, but have yet to visit the old town properly to see all the sights. There are countless Buddhist temples here for starters. I did go to a fruit market with a local friend, though. And I am trying to pick up more and more of the language, because it does help in many situations. Settling in here was far easier than I had initially thought. It may be very different from Europe, but this city does cater to westerners. About half the people living in my building are white. Anyways, the only friends I have in Thailand so far are Thai people and I am okay with that.

Now that Songkran Festival is over and Easter is here the city has gone back to normal. You really cannot tell that there is a religious holiday going on in other parts of the world. Today is just another mellow Sunday. We had a thunderstorm yesterday so it is not quite as hot. I'm going down to the mall later today to have some lunch and mail some letters. I am still getting used to the idea that shops are actually open on Sundays!

Here are some impressions of the places I've visited, the things I've bought and the food I've eaten in the past week or so...

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