Chiang Mai - Avengers Week

This week I have been exploring my neighbourhood. There are some very pretty back alleys with lovely restaurants and cafés. There is also another mall nearby that is much more "of the people". It is an old building that is basically a maze on six floors. They have great food stalls and clothing boutiques.

Since this post is called "Avengers Week"... I have already booked a ticket to see the new film on Friday. I am curious to see whether the cinema exerience is in any way different just because I'm in Asia. I will report back of course!

Here are some impressions from the alleyways I explored...

And here is a selection of food and drinks I found in those alleys and at the mall.

And finally some things I bought and some views - onto my desk and out of the windows (it rained this week!)...

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    Birte (Tuesday, 23 April 2019 11:36)

    No people anywhere and a lot of food. I love it :-)