Chiang Mai - Meeting People

This past week I made an effort to go out and meet new people. I went to a weekly nomad girls lunch at Free Bird Café, which I totally forgot to take any pictures of. But here is their Facebook page: Weekly Nomad Girls Lunch @ Free Bird Café I met some really lovely and like-minded people there. Greetings to all of you who are reading this! I will definitely go back there next week.

The other thing I did (unsurprisingly) was to find a Pub to watch the Rugby at. I met some nice people there, too. Of course they were all older men from New Zealand and Australia, but that didn't keep me from making friends. I felt safe and accepted there and I will go back next weekend. The Pub is called "The U.N. Irish Pub" as it is run by Europeans. It has a bakery next door that has some wonderful things on offer, too.

I also explored the Old Town a bit more, specifically the used book shops. There is one that is my absolute favourite for two reasons: It has books stacked up to the ceiling (on two floors) and it has cats (so many cute cats!). Of course I totally forgot to take any pictures while I was there as I was way too busy persuing the books with a kitten sleeping in my arm. Here's the book shop's Facebook: Shaman Bookshop (and yes it DOES have pictures of the cats)

And now for the pictures I DID take. Here are some more impressions of the Old Town. By the way, I have to say that I still prefer living in Nimman and visiting the Old Town by bus.

Here are some pics from the Pub. They have FOUR different TV areas to watch sports in, but the most popular are Super Rugby, AFL and NRL. Also the pub grub is really good, both Western style and Thai.

I also discovered a wonderful Mexican place called The Salsa Kitchen near the old mall where I just might return to today. They have some great vegan options with home made cheese. And their portions are so big I had to get a doggy bag - got a full extra meal out of that. And of course I went back to my trusty fave around the corner - Anchan (you'll probably recognise the set up).

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    Astra (Thursday, 09 May 2019 10:35)

    Viele Küsse aus Aachen!