Chiang Mai - Coronation

I did not have much time to explore this past week. It was the king's coronation last Sunday, so opening times were unreliable, I also did a lot of writing and editing. But on Wednesday I went back to the Nomad Girls Lunch and on Friday I went to the Pub to watch the Super Rugby - made more friends in both places.

As I wasn't sure which places would be open at which times, I explored another mall (my new favourite). It's near the airport and a great mixture of western shops and small Thai sellers. Here are some impressions - including the stage they had put up for people to watch the coronation on a big screen.

As I was spending a lot of time at home writing, I didn't venture out much for food. All of these are from my immediate neighbourhood - except for the awesome vegan burger I had at the Pub. Also, you might notice a slight obsession with cinnamon buns.

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