Chiang Mai - Eurovision

First of all - sadly there was no way to watch Eurovision with other people as Saturday was a religious holiday over here and the show was on at 2am. Anyways, that's not the point, really.

I did do a lot of writing and editing this week, so I didn't venture out that much. Of course I did go to the Nomad Girls Lunch like every week and to the Pub (on Friday only as Saturday was a holiday). I have about two weeks left here in Chiang Mai - time flies! I have made some connections, found new friends and even managed to set up some things for the future.

Here are some pictures taken around the two shopping centres closest to where I live:

We had a massive rainstorm one night. Here's a picture as it happened - and from the next day:

I also finally managed to take some pictures of the kitties at the bookshop I like to go to. Sadly they didn't turn out too well:

And as always - food:

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