Chiang Mai - Outskirts of Town

This past week I ventured out to the lesser frequented areas of town, passing by beautiful vistas of the nearby mountain range and finding amazing cheap food.

Other than that I have been working a lot, writing a screen play and collecting ideas for a stand up routine. I also went to the cinema again - for research as much as for the simple reason that it is very affordable here. The past two days I spent at the Pub, as per usual, watching the Rugby with my mates. Now I need some time to myself, recharging my introvert batteries - also, going to the cinema again.

Here are some pictures taken from the terrace on the top floor of the local mall (where the cinema is).

Along the way to the outskirts of town. You can kind of see the temple on top of the mountain...

If you ever go to Chiang Mai, do visit Sandy's Pub. They have great food, live coverage of all the sports you could ever want and a bakery next door: The UN Irish Pub

Of course I also had some very tasty food...

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