Cairns - Islands and Rainforest

After ten exciting days I am saying Good Bye to Cairns. My bus to the next stop - Townsville - leaves on Tuesday. I have had a great time here. I got to see the Great Barrier Reef close up, walked across a tropical island, explored the rainforest, petted lots of local animals (not the crocs though coz they are HUGE!), got to chat with aboriginal people, marine biologists and wildlife park rangers. Everyone was super friendly and welcoming and Cairns is a beautiful holiday destination - even in winter!

There are many vegan food options at the supermarket and in restaurants. As I was staying at a hostel, I mostly cooked my own food. The hostel was lovely too and offered many activities.

I went on a trip to Frankland Islands. A bus took us to the river, where we got on a boat and went down the estuary and on to Normanby Island. We got to see the reef from a glass bottom boat and went on a walk over the island with a marine biologist. Snorkeling was also an option. On the way back on the boat we spotted a crocodile.

On another trip I took the sky rail up to Kuranda Village, where I was able to visit the Rainforestation. I went on a rainforest tour, saw all the native animals at the wildlife part and was introduced to aboriginal culture. I then took the scenic train back to Cairns. It was a wonderful trip with beautiful vistas. I learned a lot about the flora and fauna and the native tribes. I was too busy chatting and petting to take any pictures of the animals, though. And I thought it would be disrespectful to take pictures of the aboriginal people - who, by the way, taught me how to throw a boomerang.

Today I went to the Cairns Aquarium to learn a bit more about the reef and its inhabitants. They had some very informative presentations there, focusing on awareness. I also got to see the sharks and sting rays being fed. They have no dolphins, whales, large sea turtles or octopods there - which I personally think is a very sensible decision!

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