An Unexpected Outcome

She woke up with a start. Confused she looked around. Then, as she spotted him, gently snoring next to her, she remembered. In a panic she checked her phone - almost 5am. She snuck out of bed, collected her clothes - at least she tried to, as a lot of her outfit was strewn all over the floor of his hotel room and she couldn’t see that well in the dim light. She did not want to wake him, so she retreated to get dressed in the bathroom.
What do I do? How did this happen? Shit! were the thoughts racing through her still sluggish mind. She hadn’t been drinking the night before. Bad timing, Lizzie, really bad timing! she chided herself. Would she do it again? Hell yes! That night had been a revelation… he had been a revelation! She made a decision.
Finding a hotel branded notepad and pen, she wrote him a message:
Didn’t want to wake you. Please don’t tell anyone about last night, PLEASE!
Give me a call, if you like…
She left her mobile number and signed with only her first name, fearful someone else might spot the note. Leaving it on her pillow she looked over to his side of the bed. His tousled blond locks almost hid the wicked gaping wound over his left eye, there were specks of blood on his cheek and on his pillow. She had to stop herself from brushing the hair out of his face.
Resolutely she turned her back and left the room, closing the door behind herself as quietly as she could. Out in the hallway she hoped and prayed she wouldn’t run into anyone. Surely they’d all be drunk from the past night’s celebrations.

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